GDF 2 Hour Fire Rated Data Protection Safes

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  • Digital keypad and electronic lock
  • Insulation filled steel body and door
  • External hinges with internal anti-pry dead bar.
  • Certified 2hours fire resistant for paper and data
  • Durable hardened paint finish
  • Removable Shelving
  • Easy slide drawers

The Multifile GDF Series of Data Safes are specially designed with a second layer of fire protection to safeguard valuable data storage devices from hazards such as moisture, humidity, heat and magnetic fields. The Data Safes come with electronic locking and are designed to give 2 hour electronic data and record protection.

data protection safes


Model  External (mm)   Internal (mm)   Weight
Shelves Sliding Tray
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth
GDF DT2825EH 770 690 720 489 402 406 254 80 1 2
GDF DT2200EH 1685 690 720 1404 402 406  584 229 2
GDF DT2300EH 1685 1200 720 (1404 x 402 x 406) x 2 765 458  4 10 

DEPTH MEASUREMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE HANDLE, KEYPAD OR HINGES. PLEASE ALLOW 50MM. Due to Multifile constantly striving to deliver better products; sizes and colours may vary slightly.