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What level of Fire Protection do you need? What do you want to protect?

The two most important initial questions are: what do you want to protect from fire – documents, data media, or cash and valuables? And, what level of fire protection do you need?


Fire rated cabinets and safes have been certified according to a particular standard, and are measured through tests carried out by independent testing authorities. The longer the period in minutes, the greater the fire resistance offered. For example, the critical temperature before paper or records combusts is 177 °C. Whereas, data media is damaged at temperatures over 52 °C.  Traditionally, Fire Rated Cabinets and Safes come in 30 minute to 120 minute fire rating certifications.

Fire resistant cabinets and safes are constructed using fire resistant material but are not fire-rated – meaning they have not undergone fire testing and certification.


Choose from the fire protection range which includes safes and filing cabinets designed to keep documents or data media safe from the effects of a fire.


To survive a fire, documents require protection from temperatures higher than 177°C. Therefore cabinets have to be specifically designed, tested and then certified for this task. Without a credible certification, you cannot be sure that your documents are safe.


The same is valid for data media, except here the cabinet must offer much greater protection due to the sensitivity of the material. If the inside of the cabinet exceeds a mere 52°C, then the information on a CD, DVD or tape will be destroyed.

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